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Headquartered in Houston, TX – EscuTech is your complete resource for personal and professional technology consulting services. We apply big business knowledge and experience to a small business owner’s unique needs. From providing short-term advice to becoming your long-term consulting partner, we can increase your productivity and let you concentrate on what you do best. Combining two decades of technology consulting with over 20 years of wide-ranging business experience and a personal entrepreneurial perspective, EscuTech can be your competitive edge.

Our engineers are proud to provide world-class consulting services to a diverse number of companies from multiple business sectors including Chemical, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Medical, Real-estate and Construction.


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Critical infrastructure available during critical...

During this unfortunate period, Escutech is committed to providing continued and uninterrupted critical Information Technology support.

Remote Access Solutions For Your...

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Remote work, or working from home, is becoming more and more